Dear Friends,
"I am fortunate to have celebrated my 81st birthday.  It has been
a wonderful thirty years of signing my books for people across the United States and I am very grateful.

No author could ask for more than have thousands of parents and grandparents tell him that his stories have taken their young loved one on worthwhile vicarious journeys.

From the four hundred thousand books that have been printed over the years I have a few thousand books remaining and will continue to sell them through this web site. Shipping will remain $4.95 for one book and $2.95 for each additional book. When a particular title is sold out it will be removed from the web site."
Again a heartfelt thank you to all - be well,
If you would like a book (s) personalized please email me the
particulars or include the information in your letter. Kindly send
personal checks or money orders.

You can order:  

  1. By email:  richard@rmwainwright.com or wainbooks@hotmail.com  
  2. By mail:   87 Rebecca Road, Scituate, MA 02066



Obadiah's Ghost


Sir Christopher

Mountains to Climb

Mountains - Spanish Edition


The Crystal Palace of Adamas 

Garden of Dreams

Nana, Grampa & Tecumseh



Royal Koi & Kindred Spirits

Closer Than We Imagine